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Review: Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery

Campbells Gold Honey Farm & Meadery
Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery
Campbells Gold Country Store
You can’t miss the cute little red barn!
Campbells Gold blogger collab
Their cute display at the store entrance.
Campbells Gold Honey Wine or Mead varieties
Mead varieties~

If you enjoy wine, mead or honey wine is a must try!  It is an alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of honey. It is the oldest known alcoholic beverage.  Honey itself has a lot of health benefits.

In a nutshell, honey is

-high in antioxidants
-antibacterial (so it’s good for wounds and burns)
-beneficial for heart health as it lowers triglycerides and the bad cholesterol (LDL)
-used as a cough suppressant

Honey wine can be sweet or dry and there are a few vareties:

MEAD – this is the purest form of honey wine itself fermented with just honey and water
PYMENT – it is made from fermentation of grapes and honey
MELOMEL – fermentation with a blend of fruit and honey
METHEGLIN – traditional mead with herbs/spices added such as cinnamon
CYSOR – fermentation with a blend of honey and apple juice/cider

If you are unsure which one you like better, don’t worry as they offer wine tasting at a fair price!

Campbells Gold honey wine collection

Mead for some reason is pretty rare so I was very excited to visit this local honey farm! This place is going to be a dream come true if you are obsessed with anything honey or bees. Besides wine, they carry honey, candles, personal or healing products, arts and crafts as well as bee stock and equipment. All items of course are derived from bees’ extracts.

Do you know that honey tastes differently if the nectar is collected from a different type of flower? Surprisingly, honey has many different flavors.

Campbells Gold honey varieties
Honey varieties ~
Campbells Gold honey collection

Other than products, this farm also offers tours or educational events.

For updates on their tours or events, visit their site but here are a few they offer currently:

-Lets Plant for the Bees
-Junior’s Beekeepers Day Damp
-Mid-Summer Mead Fest
-Beeswax Candle Classes
-Fall & Winter Hive Management Workshop
-Open Hive Wednesdays
-Introduction to Mead Making

Here are more photos of inside the store 🙂
Campbells Gold country store insideCampbells Gold honey wine

Campbells Gold bees' skin care products
Their bees’ personal care products ~
Campbells Gold bees' products
They even have soaps and chapsticks made from bees’ extracts.
Here’s a list of their personal care products if interested 🙂

They provide high quality products at a fraction of the price. Unfortunately they do not offer shipping on their products yet but if you are in the greater Vancouver area, put this onto your must-visit place this summer! They are located at 2595 Lefeuvre Road in Abbotsford BC.

Campbells Gold vineyard
This is their vineyard to make Pyment.
Campbells Gold family
The lovely Mike + Jenny Campbell 🙂 Judy’s missing in this pic as she was busy gardening and we didn’t want to disturb her.

This post was in collaboration with Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm + Meadery. As always, my opinions are my own and honest.

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