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Photowall with Kitty Dreaming

Photowall, painting, interior design, bedroom decor
Kitty Dreaming

If you are interested in home decor, then this post is for you! Photowall is so kind to reach out to me at the perfect time as I moved not too long ago and need some art pieces to decorate my home. They are a Sweden online company that offers wall murals and canvas prints worldwide. You can also create your own design by uploading your own image. Depending on what you like and the color scheme of your home, I am sure there is something for everyone. If you know me well enough, I love cats and this painting cannot be any better!

It is very simple to start. First, measure the size you want the canvas print to be. You can choose to include a do-it-yourself frame or without. They have instructions and illustrations on how to assemble the frame and mount it on the wall. Then just pick the design you want on their site. If you are interested in the wall murals, same idea and they include the wallpaper paste too.

Photowall, painting, Kitty DreamingPhotowall, Kitty Dreamingbedroom decor, interior design, Photowall, paintingPhotowall, Kitty Dreaming, painting

Photowall, painting, bedroom decor, interior design
Kitty Dreaming

Besides fancy furniture, paintings and wallpapers can definitely add a special touch to your living space. If I have convinced you to get yourself a painting or wall murals for your home, use my discount code BrownKittyCatCampaign2017 for 20% off! This offer is only good for 30 days. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think about this art piece in my bedroom?

Thank you Photowall for sponsoring this post.

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