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white cable knitted sweater, denim shorts with lace, bucket bag, tights

white knitted cable sweater, destroyed denim shorts with lace, fur bucket bag
Sweater similar | Denim Shorts and similar | Bucket Bag similar, similar and similar

If you still want to show off your legs or wear shorts in cold weather, tights is a good option. You can definitely pair tights with any kind of shorts and it will still look good and stylish. I find the sheer ones look nicer than opaque. I got many people interested in my denim shorts with lace after I posted it on Instagram so as always I have included links above if interested.

Bucket bags can be an alternative to fashion backpacks as they can pack a lot but you wear it on your shoulder instead of the back so you can keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Mine in the picture has a fur lining outside which I think is perfect for colder weather but feel weird to use when warmer?

white cable knitted sweater, converse chuck taylor, bucket bag

shorts with tights, converse hightop, bucket bag, human size chess
I love the human size chess in the back :p
hoodie, converse, denim shorts with tights
Hoodie | Sweater similar | Denim Shorts and similar | Bucket Bag similar, similar and similar | Converse here, here and here

Does anyone still wear Converse? I feel it is a classic that goes with anything casual. The shoelaces originally were white but I changed it to black because I like it better. If interested, I have also included links above as they can be found at several places online. Tights with shorts is not a new trend but I hope this post inspires or encourages anyone that is planning to try this style. Thank you for reading!

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