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Merle Norman Luxiva Purely Mineral Makeup

This is the loose powder version which I love.  I tried the pressed one and for some reason I can’t seem to get the powder out with a kabuki brush to apply!

I’m in their lightest shade L10 which has a pinkish tone to it.  I believe L20 the next shade up is more yellow toned.

I tried many other MMU before but I found those are either too drying or cakey.  I tried Everyday Minerals, Alima, Lauress, Suncat, Meow, and probably many other ones from small companies that I don’t recall.  For Merle Norman, I always come back to it after I strayed to other brands.  This is my 3rd new one and you get a lot of products for what you pay for.  I paid around $30CAD for it.  I use it at least 5 days a week and it lasts me for about a year which is a great deal!   

The powder is finely milled.  It has a sifter where you can sprinkle the powder onto the lid to apply.  Every morning, after I cleansed and did the usual skincare stuff, I applied this.  It stayed on my face for about 4-5 hrs before I see some oil breakthrough which is very good.  It covers my pores and even my skintone giving it a luminous finish.  It has slight shimmer on it but not too obvious if blended out well.  It just gives it a natural glow to my face.  With any powder, it can be drying if applied too much, so apply small light layer each time.  I still need a concealer for my undereye circles and acne marks.  This mineral powder is more to even out your skintone and give a natural glow to your face.

For those of you interested in the ingredients:
Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides

It’s just 4 simple ingredients which are truly just minerals compared to other so called mineral powders that contain a bunch of other stuff.

A swatch of the shade L10 mineral powder.  It’s a bit pinkish or beigy with slight shimmer.

After it’s blended out.  See how it’s brighter compared to the upper part of my hand and more even?

How I look with the mineral foundation.  I usually just applied to where I needed.  It looks slightly pinkish here probably cuz of my room lighting.

This is taken at work with fluorescent lighting.  It’s not as pinkish. 

Taken at my room again with my cute ducky! LOL

I hope you all enjoy my review!  Just a note that I got the Merle Norman mineral foundation myself and it’s my very honest opinion.
Thanks for reading!  😉  

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