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Screw Back Earrings

I guess many girls or even guys don’t have ear piercing.  The reason I don’t wanna get one is because I’m afraid of needles!  I’m also one that has sensitive skin so there might be a chance for infection.  I also don’t want to be the one that must wear sterling silver or gold earrings for my piercing LOL  But I like to look pretty, well who doesn’t? hahah  so I opted for a pain free way to do it which is the screw back earrings.  There are also clip ons and magnetic ones but those really hurt after a few hrs.  I find the screw back ones can wear the longest and the pain is quite minimal if there’s any at all.

For those of you that had went searching for clip/screw on earrings, you know there is not that many choices for us.  So I decided to get those bulk screw back parts like the picture above.  I got them from HK for $10HKD which is around $1.50CAD each.  Then I just get whatever custom earrings I like and change it myself!

Here is how it looks like after I removed the original earrings part with this screw back part on.

How it looks like on my ear…hehe see how it doesn’t look like it’s a screw back earring at all!

I’ll post more pictures of my other earrings.  I should post a pic of the earring with the original part attached but I was too excited and changed it before I can actually take a picture haha!  So I’ll definitely update with my latest earring collections 😉

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